New Baby / Postnatal Gym

Your baby has been born and you can finally get round to thinking about taking up sport again. Following pregnancy and childbirth, your body undergoes numerous changes both on physiological and psychological levels. Consequently, taking up sport again has to be done gradually and without ever forcing things. Mathieu Wagner will guide you with an efficient programme that allows you to quickly regain your former physical fitness level while still having fun.

The post-partum sport programme has numerous specific objectives:

  • Toning your pelvic floor

  • Strengthening your oblique muscles

  • Decreasing back pain

  • Improving sleep

  • Reducing your waistline

  • Regaining your ideal weight

  • Finding the right balance

Customised personal training that combines toning exercises and specially-designed stretches will enable you to redefine your body shape bit by bit, so that you feel really good about your body.

You are free to choose the location for your training sessions, whether this be in the privacy of your own home, at the beach, out in nature or even at your local gym. The most important thing is for this to be a special time for you, during which you are taken care of!

«  A scheduled time for you and your well-being »

Your progressive return to sport

To protect your body, you should respect the key stages in your postnatal fitness programme. Your little baby angel monopolises your attention, but you do need to gradually return to a suitable activity.

Besides, if you wish to lose weight, you also have to bank on the help of your coach to set up a healthy and well-balanced nutrition programme for you. The success of your special postnatal programme will then involve pleasure, motivation, nutrition and a suitable physical activity.

If you are wondering when to resume a sports activity after childbirth and how to do it, contact Mathieu Wagner and get his advice!