With his experience as a physical trainer at the highest levels, Mathieu Wagner is the ideal coach to see you through to the completion of your plan and help you reach your goals.

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, he offers a truly customised programme to help you achieve the best results in your discipline.

“Beyond the statistics and testimonials, Mathieu Wagner is first and foremost a coach with moral values and a particular attention to detail for every individual.”


Mathieu Wagner works in partnership with Sporexel, a company specialised in physical testing.

Physical testing involves setting up a protocol of tests designed to evaluate one or more physical attributes. Knowledge of the activity is essential. The physical attributes it requires must be determined beforehand in order to elaborate a coherent series of tests that are adapted to the particular sports activity.

The physical tests provide an assessment of the level of the athlete at a given moment before establishing a programme or beginning poorly-suited training sessions.

Our combined expertise and know-how allow us to supervise the testing sessions and rigorously analyse all the results, thus determining specific areas to work on, with the aim of improving weaknesses and reinforcing strong points while working in well-thought-out way in order to minimise the risk of injury.


In order to meet your specific physical training needs, Mathieu Wagner trains you at the training location of your choice.

To optimise each session and adapt it to your profile, the use of high-tech material (such as Myotest, Fitlight, Optojump, Equiboard, etc.) will be an integral part of the training sessions.

Besides the physical preparation specific to your discipline, the training can include:

  • The creation of training programmes (warm-ups, recovery, preventive exercises)
  • Scheduling of training sessions

  • Mental preparation (how to approach a match, a tournament)
  • Sports nutrition and hydration advice


Mathieu Wagner works with an internationally skilled medical staff (physios, osteopaths, radiologists), with appointments available at short notice. He also works with a recovery centre that uses warm and cold baths, cryotherapy and various devices to improve relaxation and recovery.

For competitions, your sports trainer is at your side to help you obtain better results. This monitoring can be complemented remotely by Skype sessions. Mathieu Wagner’s goal is to work with you as a team to settle every detail and make progress every day.