The purpose of a dream is to bring us to life and give meaning to our lives. Here and now.”
Mathieu Wagner

Train physically to fulfil a dream.

Maybe you have plans that you have been thinking about for years, but you set them aside, thinking that they were not physically possible? Or, you can make a new plan right now to give a meaning to your everyday life and experience the happiness of personal fulfilment.

Over the weeks, your training may involve various motivations, but there is one that is particularly close to Mathieu Wagner’s heart: fulfilling a dream.


TOP 10 inspirational goals

If you were ready physically, what would be your dream? What activity or which place are you particularly attracted to?
Here is the bucket list of inspirational goals according to Mathieu Wagner:

Cycling up the Mont Ventoux

Descending the Barbera Canyon in Italy

Running the New York Marathon for the first time

Hiking along the GR20 trail in Corsica

Reaching Everest base camp

Running the Diagonale des Fous on Reunion Island

Diving into the Blue Hole in Belize

Hiking across the Skaftafell glacier in Iceland

Crossing the Mongolian steppe on horseback

Walking the Inca Trail to discover Machu Pichu in Peru

These dreams are your dreams if your imagination so desires! Or why not simply on the French Riviera, where you can find some of the most beautiful places in the world: Cannes, Nice, Monaco and so many others…